Anyone who is having troubles should pray. ... When a believing person prays, great things happen.

a prayer for freedom in Christ


From the time we first rebelled, we've been a people in chains. Oppressed by our own sin and from the sins of others. Throughout history, we have seen the effects of sin on your people, and the powerful ways in which you have rescued them. From the moment you parted the Red Sea to the moment the veil in the temple tore, you have been a God desperate to rescue and redeem us, calling us back to you. And you still continue to redeem to this day.

We stand in the power and freedom of your rescue, O God. Knowing you continue to pursue us and deliver us from the chains that bind. We are given new freedom, new life, in Christ Jesus. Help us to have eyes that see our own bondage. Help us see those who are oppressed by sin, and use us as instruments of your peace, your freedom. 

Guide us to continually walk away from these chains and find freedom in you.


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