Anyone who is having troubles should pray because great things can happen when a believing person prays.

a prayer for freedom


We come before you this day knowing that you have given us freedom. your power and your grace break the stronghold of sin, and because of all that you are and all that you've done, we can stand boldly in freedom from the bondage of sin.

But we still struggle. We are tempted and we give in. Father, remind us there is no condemnation for those in Christ. Remind us that our relationships to sin has changed - it's still there but it no longer hold any power of us, for you are stronger than our sin. Remind us to take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ.

May we strand in the power of your transforming grace.


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 Isaiah 46:1-4 "Listen to me, all the remnant of the people of Israel, you whom I have upheld from your birth, and have carried since you were born.  Even to your old age and gray hairs, I am he who will sustain you.  I have made you and I will carry you.  I will sustain you and carry you."

I realize that in this passage it speaks to Israel....but isn't the Word of God for all of us!!  This has been a hard year and sometimes I truly feel my old age and gray hair.  I'm pushing 79 and as a youngster, would seem like at 79 you would be dead or petrified. HaHa 

The above picture is me.  Without the make up, without the hairdo, just sitting in the sun on the balcony reflecting on my life and how God has upheld me from my birth, carried me since I was born, and will continue to carry and sustain me for as long as my days are.  That is extremely comforting and I find my rest and peace in that truth!

Heavenly Father, Thank you for upholding us from birth, and carrying us even to our old age and gray hairs.  You are the sustainer of life, and you will always carry us and sustain us.  That is your promise.  And we know, YOU always keep your promises.  We love you, and are grateful for old age and gray hair, and your sustaining power.  There is such comfort in that promise.  I love You.  Amen.

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to the shepherd of my soul

You are my shepherd Lord. You meet all of my needs.

Thank you for meeting my all of my physical needs. I do not want for food, drink and shelter. Or for anything.

I praise you that my need for rest is met in you Lord. And that you lead me in ways that are healthy for my soul.

Who is like you Lord? No one else can restore my soul when it suffers and lead me in healthy and righteous ways.

I am confident in you Lord. I will fear no evil because you have been with me in my darkest valleys. You have comforted me when my soul was in dark anguish.

My heart is overwhelmed by your provision for me. You protect me in dangerous places. Your Spirit anoints me giving me wisdom and blessing.

The glass is not half empty or half full - my cup overflows with your love!!

Of this I am confident - goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.

And I will live with you forever.

... adapted from the 23rd Psalm

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Circle us Lord

Circle us Lord.

Circle the poor with your justice.
Circle the violent with your peace.
Circle the broken with your wholeness.

Circle us Lord.

Circle us with the wonder of your love,
with the beauty of your creating,
with the glory of your presence.

Circle us Lord.

One in three, three in One.

Circle us with the joy of your abiding.

... a Celtic prayer

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Jehovah Rapha

I am the Lord, your healer. (Exodus 15:26)

When we pray it is often helpful to meditate on one of the names of God. Jehovah Rapha means the Lord who heals you. While healing through prayer is not guaranteed in the bible it is good to remember that God is a healer and, generally speaking, desires health and wholeness in us - body, soul and spirit.

We come to you today sweet God of healing to come and bring healing to our families and friends. We pray that grace would be poured out and people would sense your presence in their innermost beings. We also pray that you would help medical professionals to hear your voice and cooperate with you in healing ministry. We intercede believing in the name and power of Christ Jesus. Amen

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Think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth.” (Colossians 3:2) NLT

LORD, help us today to keep our eyes focused on You. On Your perfect plan. On Your leading. On Your Word. 

Help us to see the obstacles in our way  as simple life lessons that will grow us and enable us to walk closer to You. 

Thank you for your Word. For TRUTH. For guidance. 


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a praying for searching


You have given us the ability to know our true self.

But it's our false self we often default to.

The self that falls into our desire to control, our mistrust of You, our desire to be seen as good and acceptable, our fear. The self that does not remember who You've created us to be.

You have made us new creations, and yet we don't always stand in that truth. So help us search.

Lord, may we seek to find our true self in You. May we know the righteousness of Jesus that has been placed on us. Teach us to trust in who You are, and remember all of the promises You've already kept. And those you've still to give.

Help us not be afraid of the searching, afraid of what it will expose, or who will see us in our search and what they will see. For you are our Creator and Sustainer, and we stand in the knowledge of Your love and acceptance of us.


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Second Monday After Epiphany

Almighty God, whose Son our Savior Jesus Christ is the light of the world: Grant that your people, illumined by your Word and Sacraments, may shine with the radiance of Christ’s glory, that he may be known, worshiped, and obeyed to the ends of the earth; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns, one God, now and for ever. Amen. 
Book of Common Prayer 

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Open the Door!

Father God, I pray that the many people longing for a relationship, will realize that the only relationship that fulfills and is complete is YOU.  Revelations 3:20 tells us "Behold, I stand at the door knock.  If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I WILL come in to him and dine with him and him with Me."  My prayer is for all our family and friends that don't know you.  Lord convict their hearts to seek You and let You into their lives.  Thanks you for loving me and coming into my life.  Dining with You is the pleasure of my life.  Amen.

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for conscience and courage

Loving God,
lead us beyond ourselves
to care and protect,
to nourish and shape,
to challenge and energize
both the life and the world
You have given us.
God of light and God of darkness,
God of conscience and God of courage
lead us through this time
of spiritual confusion and public uncertainty.
Lead us beyond fear, apathy and defensiveness
to new hope in You and to hearts full of faith.
Give us the conscience it takes
to comprehend what we’re facing,
to see what we’re looking at
and to say what we see
so that others, hearing us,
may also brave the pressure that comes
with being out of public step.
Give us the courage we need
to confront those things
that compromise our consciences
or threaten our integrity.
Give us, most of all,
the courage to follow those before us
who challenged wrong and changed it,
whatever the cost to themselves.
-excerpted from a prayer at Monasteries of the Heart

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a prayer for guidance

Lord, I’m here today with open hands and an open heart, ready to depend on you to help me through the day and all it will bring my way.

Help me be like Nehemiah, help me come to you for guidance, strength, provision and protection.

As I face tough choices and hard situations, help me remember my belovedness, help me remember that I am Your child and Your representative to the world around me.

Help me live today in a way that brings honor to Your holy name.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
- a prayer by Charles Stanley

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a prayer for faith, love and hope

O Holy Spirit,

give me faith
    that will protect me from despair, from passions and from vice,
give me such love for God
    as will blot out all hatred and bitterness,
give me the hope
    that will deliver me from fear and faintheartedness.


-a prayer of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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Strength upon strength

Today I pray strength for all those who are feeling weak. For those who are feeling the devastation of life’s trials. Life’s tribulations. For all those who think they can’t go on. That they can’t take another step.

I pray that God will reach down and minister. That those in need will reach up and cry out. I pray that strength upon strength will be bestowed generously to all who are in want....

Cry out to God and let Him be the power and strength you need to take that next step of trust in Him and in Him only.


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Psalms 62:2  "HE alone is my ROCK and my salvation.  HE is my FORTRESS,  I will never be shaken.

First of all, I want to thank all of your for your prayer support to me and my dearest, Don.  The stroke took us by surprise since he was recovering from CHF.  But God has been our ROCK and with that knowledge and assurance...We are not shaken, but see God using this to make us more in the image of Christ.  God never wastes trials and tribulations, but works them for our GOOD.

Father God, how I praise you for the mighty work of grace you are doing in our lives daily.  You want good for your children and use every event in our lives to work your miracles of grace.  We can say with Paul, "giving thanks for everything"  Father I'm thanking you right now for EVERY THING YOU HAVE PUT IN OUR LIVES THIS YEAR.  You are our Rock and our Fortress.  I love you deeply and dearly.  Amen.

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