Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

day by day

Thanks be to thee, my Lord Jesus Christ,
For all the benefits thou hast won for me,
For all the pains and insults thou hast borne for me.
O most merciful Redeemer, Friend, and Brother,

May I know thee more clearly,
Love thee more dearly,
And follow thee more nearly:
For ever and ever.

St. Richard Chichester (1197-1253)

These words were incorporated into a popular song from Godspell (the play and the movie) titled "Day by Day". Years before I knew Christ, when I was in my early twenties, I would cry when this song came on the radio. My young wife had gone blind (read about that here) and I did not have the words to pray or the ability to express the pain I was experiencing. I guess it was a part of my spiritual journey. Little did I know that someone in the 13th century was responsible for the words.

So here I am, some 40+ years later, still praying those ancient words.

Day by day ... dear Lord I pray ... to know you more clearly ... to love you more dearly ... to follow you more nearly ... day by day ... for ever and ever.


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