Anyone who is having troubles should pray. ... When a believing person prays, great things happen. -James 5:13,16 NCV

Father's Day Prayer | that they might be a sweet savor

This photo is one of my dad back in the 1980s making his famous stew - and yes ... that is a boat paddle that he is using to stir the stew that is cooking in a cauldron heated by a propane flame. He made the stew each year for the family reunion. When I think about Dad's stew I reflect upon how much his life was like that delicious soup. Like that wonderful red stuff, Dad was a blend of different ingredients - Dad was a blend of the best of the South (He was raised in Mississippi) and of the North (He lived most of his life in New York). He was the most loving man I have ever known - like the savor of that stew his life had a sweet aroma ... people who knew him loved him ... he was such a friendly man. Dad was a kind man ... a southern gentleman who was not corrupted by the crassness of the world ... he emanated a quiet dignity that I appreciated so much.

Dear Heavenly Father, we intercede for fathers today. Help them to be and become a sweet savor to their families and the people closest to them. Season their hearts with kindness and their minds with wisdom. Stir in strength and integrity that they might lead their families in ways that please you and bless their children. May all that taste of their lives be encouraged and find your grace in them.


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