Anyone who is having troubles should pray. ... When a believing person prays, great things happen. -James 5:13,16 NCV

Delay is Not Denial

We get discouraged in prayer by thinking God has said no when in fact He's said nothing at all.
"Wait" is an answer. Delay is not denial. God often delays His answer to cultivate patience and persistence, and build our faith. Or to bring our will around to conform to His own. ~Sue Bohlin

Dear Lord, help us not to get discouraged in our prayer life and learn to patiently wait on You.

in Jesus' name amen.

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  1. Yes, waiting on the Lord sometimes involves waiting. :)

    I think that patience is not only a fruit of His Spirit but also a great strength in life.

  2. Something we all must learn ~~delay is not denial.

  3. oh, this is such a great reminder that God always answers us, it's just not always on our timetable.


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