Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Grace and Blessings

Dear Lord,
I have not been very good at finding grace in the everyday events of life, but I am learning; learning to be thankful, learning to keep my eyes open, learning to let go and be grateful for what You have given me. Thank you, Lord, for what is in my own backyard, for what is down the road and around the corner, and for the places You have taken me that are out of the ordinary for me. I am blessed. May I be a blessing to others every day, to remember to be grateful, and to thank You for every gift You give.

Prayers added for all those affected by the devastating earthquake in Japan, the ensuing tsunamis, and fires. My daughter was in Tokyo just over a week ago. Thank you, Lord, for bringing her home safe.

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  1. Thank you for that lovely prayer. I needed it today and I made it my own to God. Thanks for forming the words:-)

  2. "finding grace in the everyday events of life"

    Well said Martha. I will add my amen to be a blessing to those around me and join you in praying for victims of the earthquake's aftermath.

  3. Thanks for linking up to my hop I am following back!


  4. Wonderful prayer, I join you in this prayer and also for the people of Japan...

  5. In agreement...........Amen!

    BTW, The Salvation Army is taking donations for Japan Tsunami Relief. They've had a presence there since 1895.

  6. I add my amen to your prayer and praise the Lord that your daughter left before the earthquake.


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