Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Prayer for Prodigals

From the folks at Beliefnet..

"God, we pray today for parents who are enduring the onslaught of discouragement over the choices of their children. Give them hope that your promises are never defeated, and that you can make a way through dark places when there seems to be no light. Give them, today, sound wisdom to know specifically how love for their child needs to be expressed. Then give them the same tomorrow, and then the day after. Give them endurance to hope beyond hope. Give them courage, and surprising joy.

We pray also for the children who are wandering from the ways of wisdom. We pray today that they will return. Lead them home, coaxing their desires, compelling their dreams, and frustrating their rebellions. And when they do make even the smallest step homeward we will welcome them and celebrate the victory.

God, you are a perfect father, THE Father. We know you share this desire with us. Bring our sons and daughters home! We hear your promises and we hold on to them as we hold on to you, and at the same time release our children into your care. In Jesus..."


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  1. Yes, Lord. And may those of us who have experienced the pain of a wayward child be there to love and encourage those who struggle presently and also the wandering child.

    LORD, remember David [And] all his afflictions; Psalm 132:1 (And not only David , Lord, but the other children as well.)

  2. Just this weekend on my trip of North, I heard of a dear daughter in the Lord who has wayward children, bent on self destruction. Oh Lord help them all.


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