Anyone who is having troubles should pray. ... When a believing person prays, great things happen. -James 5:13,16 NCV

Beauty Around Us


Thank You for all the beauty we see around us. Help us to look beyond it to see the Artist. Help us not to pass by indifferently, but to notice what You have painted on the canvas of the world. Even in places like coral reefs, which until recently few humans have seen. Let us not focus on the corruption that has since crept in, but  look beyond it to see the beauty of Your person.

In Jesus' Name,

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  1. I certainly agree with trying to "see" or acknoweldge the creator behind creation. We all get so rushed that we often miss that.

    With that said, I have an honest to goodness question for you about a part of this prayer that I mean in all respect but am curious about. Why mention: "Even in places like coral reefs, which until recently few humans have seen." Is that for God as a reminder or for the people reading it? I often have heard people calling out to God in prayer but then seemingly directing it more at people, like the reminder about pollution which of course God knows all about, as he does the coral reefs etc. I find that interesting and curious too. Thanks.

    1. Perhaps as a reminder that God's creation is vast and deep and infinite in nature! We can't fathom the depth nor height of it all!

  2. The creation of God is certainly glorious! Thank you for reminding us that we only have to look around and see it is all around us!


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