Anyone who is having troubles should pray. ... When a believing person prays, great things happen. -James 5:13,16 NCV

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There’s a young girl I know who has updated her Facebook status over fifty times this past week. Many of her posts indicate confusion, loneliness and despair. While she has not mentioned God, when I read her updates I always see the same message: Lord, save me.

I don’t know this woman very well. She attended church youth group with my son for a while. And from her parents and sister I get the sense that she can easily put up walls and distance herself from those who love her most.
And when she shares her feelings of hopelessness at 4AM in the morning, I can only cry. Because she is so loved. Because peace is right there. The gift of joy is right in front of her.

There are things I can do. Things we all can do. When someone looks for attention, we can shower them with praise and encouragement. When someone cries for affection, we can overwhelm them with love. When someone needs to vent, we can just listen. And hug.

But we can also pray. Will you pray with me today?

Lord Jesus, you can turn the world on its head with a bat of your eyelash. Whether they are directed at you or not, Lord, we ask that you answer the prayers of Daniele. Put your arms around her and do not let her go. When she tries to squirm away, hold her even tighter. Let her feel your sweat, let her smell the perfume that was poured upon your head in the days before you died for her, let her feel the incredible strength of your arms around her, and let her be overwhelmed by the sense of the love you have for her. Lord, let her feel your peace. Comfort Daniele. Do not let go.

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  1. "I can only cry" - me too Ed. May compassion come to this dear young girl and carry her.


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