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It seems to me in our society, truth is what someone wants it to be and everyone has their own opinion of what truth is! The Bible is plain on this subject.

Isaiah 5:20 tells us "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for


"O Lord, hear our prayer today. Your Word shows plainly what is good and what is evil. What is truth today will be truth forever. Give me courage to speak the truth and live it. Let me not be moved by the so-called wisdom of the world or the deceitfulness of any human philosophy. Guard my heart and mind Holy Spirit. May I never pervert the ways of God." Amen

"It is contrary to reason for a thirsty person to turn from a pure, sparkling mountain stream to quench his thirst at a stale, putrid cistern --yest that is what the human race does when it rejects God's truth and standards in favor of the devil's impure philosophies." ~~ Billy Graham


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  1. I agree with your observations about today's understanding of "truth", Wanda. It's distressing to think that some of those who are most vocal about what the "truth" is (and who are most unkind and intolerant about folks with other viewpoints) call themselves "Christian".

    I read on a website recently that there are 38,000 Christian denominations. It's sad to think that we've found so many ways to disagree with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

  2. Excellent observations, Wanda. :) Thank you!

    NC Sue, I once picked up a book at a local Christian bookstore that contained little else but a listing of the various Christian denominations in the U.S.A. Although hardbound, it was the general shape of a typical paperback and at least two inches thick. :(

  3. No denominations in Heaven
    Praise the Lord ~~ Come Lord Jesus, Come!!

  4. A few years back, Websters named "truthiness" as the word of the year. Relates to how indoviduals come up with their own truth with no regard to evidence. I am thankful that the evidence of God's truth is so prevalent in our world.

  5. When I think about truth I always return to The Truth. In Jesus we see an magnificent incarnation of what it means to live a life of truth.

    And amen to no denominations in heaven :)


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