Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Praying Psalm 37 again

Praise you Father.. you are generous.. author generosity in me today.. open my eyes to those in need.. cause me to be a blessing to the poor and an agent of your grace.

You have established my steps Lord.. I delight in your leadership.. though I fall I will not stay down.. you will pick me up.. you are the one who holds my hand.

Praise you Holy Father!

When I think about my youth.. I can see your hand in my life.. when I grew older you never left me.. in trials and in deep sorrow your presence has sustained me.. your care is eternal.

I ask you dear Father to protect and lead my children and my grandchildren.. cause them to understand your goodness Lord.. open their eyes to your presence.

You are the cornerstone of my life.. in you I am able to turn away from evil and do good.. you will not forsake me.. in you I will live forever.. your salvation is eternal.

Praise you Holy Son!

Thank you for filling my mouth with wisdom and my heart with justice.. you have given me a heart filled with instruction.. you have made my feet to walk on a firm foundation.

You are the merciful One.. your ways are the ways of life.. you will protect me from wickedness.. you will deliver me in the day of trial.. under your wings I will be safe.

I will wait for you Lord and keep your way until you come in power.. I will exalt you.. you have given me a righteous inheritance.

Praise you Holy Spirit! 

In you I have a future Lord.. you have made me blameless and upright.. you have filled my life with your peace.. I will never be destroyed.

Salvation is from you Lord.. you are a stronghold in the time of trouble.. you help me and you deliver me from wickedness - you save me.

I take refuge in you Lord.. you are worthy!


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