Anyone who is having troubles should pray. ... When a believing person prays, great things happen. -James 5:13,16 NCV

Stretch my heart

O God, enlarge my heart
      that it may be big enough to receive the greatness of your love.

Stretch my heart
     that it may take into it all those who with me around the world
     believe in Jesus Christ.

Stretch it
     that it may take into it all those who do not know him,
    but who are my responsibility because I know him.

And stretch it
     that it may take in all those who are not lovely in my eyes,
     and whose hands I do not want to touch.

through Jesus Christ my Saviour


- from The Book of a Thousand Prayers, compiled by Angela Ashland

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  1. And soften our hearts Lord.. a soft heart is a stretchable one.

  2. Amen,


    PS: On a lighter vein -- I am with Kansas Bob...and i doubt if mine would break...thank God its a muscle,


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