Anyone who is having troubles should pray. ... When a believing person prays, great things happen. -James 5:13,16 NCV

Game On for Kelli

Kelli is One of the first friends I made in the Blogosphere. She is shortly joining her husband overseas to support him as he serves America in the military. This thirty something young believer has had many devastating health trials as of late. Many times I have cried in prayer for her. Please join me in praying for Kelli as you read what she has shared lately ...

Yesterday: Praying friends, I would so appreciate your prayers today. This rheumatic disease is really ravaging me. The pain is tremendous in my spine and pelvis, and it's now messing with my hands, and rib cage too. I've got so much to do before I leave in a few days, and 18 hours of flying ahead, which will be... challenging with these pain levels. Any and all prayers are welcome.

Last Weekend: I've dreaded posting this, because they aren't the results we wanted, and I know you've all been praying so much for me. I don't want you to be discouraged!

So, the not so good news first: all my scans came back positive. The disease the doctors feared I might have has indeed set in, and is wrapping my Sacroiliac joints and pelvis.

Now for the good news, and as I see it, there's a long list:

1.) We've caught it early. We are going to hit it very, very hard with drugs and try to drive it into remission.

2.) If I hadn't gone blind, I wouldn't have had these tests, and wouldn't have discovered this disease was silently eating away my future. I would have assumed it was just pain from my past spine surgery and not been checked out until it was too late to do anything. Thank God for blindness at the right time :P

3.) My eye specialist noticed a slight improvement in my eye today, and believes my body is fighting back, despite everything. He believes there is still hope to see the vision improve.

4.) One of the top experts in rheumatic disease in the Middle East has his office five minutes away from the apartment Dennis just contracted in our deployment country.

5.) My eye specialist provided me a list of not one, but four specialists with his same credentials, most US-trained, who have offices in our deployment country.

6.) All of us have some kind of ticking time bomb in our bodies. We'll all die of something. For some it may be heart disease, for others cancer, or liver disease, or whatever. Most people get hit with their time bomb when they're in their fifties or sixties and don't have as much energy to fight. But I have the luxury of attacking my disease NOW, when I'm young. And you better believe I am going to put up one H-E-double-holy-sticks fight against this thing. This disease has been attacking me, but it doesn't know the meaning of the word siege. It will :D

Anyway, thank you all, so much for your prayers. Now we know. Now I fight. Game on.

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